Robyn and Patrick's Irish Wedding - 0 comments
Here are just a few photos from Robyn and Patrick's wedding. Celine, my assistant and I had a great time with this one. Robyn and Patrick really did enjoy themselves which I think you can see in the photos :)

a country wedding - 0 comments
Winter time, Mt. Barker, morning wedding, 5 degrees celsius.

Just wanted to share my most recent wedding shoot. This beautiful first time bride of 45 years organised her own wedding to be held in her own country back garden. She hired a marqui in case of rain but nature turned on a lovely day with occasional clouds.

She had moved to a small country town leaving the city behind chasing her long held dream of the country life.
Within six months she met Fred, the lawn mower man, fell in love and the two were wed in a meaningful ceremony that reflected their faith. I get a bit misty eyed as I am touched by late blooming love that brings out the child in all.

Yes I am a bit romantic but these two really captured the spirit of love.

Enough from me. Here are a few photos and I will post some more soon.

Tara Cherish Photography

Mel and Tom's engagement - 1 comment
Thanks Mel, Tom and Telia,

It was such a pleasure to photograph you guys at this lovely spot where you and Tom used to meet for lunch break on work days. I'm glad that I could capture your love in this significant place being the new East Perth Waterfront. Really looking forward to your wedding day. Only 5 or so weeks to go :)

Keira and Dave's Wedding - 1 comment
Yay! The sun shone down on Keira and Dave's wedding which is about a fifty/fifty chance when you get married in August. It was a lovely afternoon with a slight chilly wind. Please note all brides... A little Kashmina shawl is well worth the extra cost if you are getting married in any season apart from summer. Keira made do and borrowed the photographers jacket a little later on.
These guys were so layed back. Their ceremony was full of humor which reflected on Keira and Dave. I loved the fact that they "did it their way", while still allowing some space for serious contemplation of what it means to tie the knot.
Well I'll say no more and let you enjoy some of the moments of their wedding which took place at Sorrento SLSC and then onto The Breakwater at Hillary's Boat Harbour. Simple and well enjoyed by all including me and my assistant, Steve who also took some wonderful photos.


Kiara and Dave engagement photos - 0 comments
Well, here we are back at my favourite park in all of Perth, Hyde Park. Really enjoyed photographing Kiara and Dave. So easy going and friendly. We couldn't walk far as Dave had just had some pins removed from his leg and was suffering a bit. Not that you would notice though as he and Kiara seemed happily in love and anticipating the wedding day to come. Thanks guys. It was a cold wintery afternoon which enhanced the warmth that the two of you had going and made for lovely wintery photos!
Bring on the Winter wedding!

Autumn Leaves - 2 comments
It is just coming into late Autumn and I know that so many of you are really getting stuck into planning your wedding. I hope that it is all going well for you. This lovely weather has got me thinking of all the beautiful locations that Perth has to offer for fabulous photography.

The amazing thing is that these beautiful backdrops come free of charge. Just nature and our lovely city offering itself to us. There is King's Park for starters. The women's memorial gardens with fountains statues, bridges and gorgeous native gardens.
The swan river is always beautiful whichever part of it you are happen to be at and
who can resist Leighton beach and dunes at sunset?
Not forgetting Fremantle West End with its historic buildings and alfresco cafes. Why not include a cafe stop during the "after wedding photo session". Its so nice to take a couple to somewhere lovely where they can relax a litle, breathe a few deep breaths and just hang out while the photos are captured easily and naturally.

Well these are just some of my thoughts today and why I enjoy providing special memories for couples on this most exciting of days,